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ZeroPlast Labs is an innovation-driven, sustainable materials company, developing 100% biodegradable (home compostable) alternatives to single-use, non-recyclable plastics.

The Waste Crisis

Field of Wheat

Crop Residue Waste

Indian farmers are left with around 350 million tons of crop residue after harvest. As time is limited for sowing the next crop and labor and machinery are costly, the farmers have no choice but to burn this crop residue waste.
Environment Pollution

Plastic Waste

A single Indian generates around 6 kg of plastic waste per year, amounting to a total nationwide waste generation of 9.5 million tons. Only 9% is recycled, the rest is either burned, landfilled or thrown away in rivers, oceans and lakes lasting for next 500 years, contaminating the environment.

Our Solution - The Circular Technology

Crop Residue

Crop residue waste is sourced from farmers and agro-food industries and cellulose is extracted from it


Cellulose is blended with bio-based additives and binders using a proprietary CelluBlend Technology.


Bioplastics and Biocomposites are made from Cellulose. The materials are used to develop flexible and rigid products.

End of Life

Products readily biodegrade even in natural environment into organic matter which can be used as manure by farmers.  

ZeroPlast's Impact


50 KG of crop residue waste upcycled 


100 KG of plastic replaced with sustainable materials


300 KG of carbon emissions prevented


25% income increase of rural communities 


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Awardee 2019


IKMC 2019 Winner


BIG 14 Awardee


Waste Management Challenge Winner 2021

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Grand Idea Challenge Winner 2021



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Contact Us

ZeroPlast Labs, 100 NIP,
NCL Innovation Park, Pashan,
Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411008

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